Management Team

Wan Wei

Principal of Pinghe Education Group

Mr. Wan Wei received his Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics from Fudan University and Master's Degree in Educational administration from East China Normal University. He was awarded "Shanghai's Annual Top Ten People in Education" and was among the first set of members in the Ministry of Education's National Training Program Expert Group. Mr. Wan is a famous training expert for head teachers and has published a number of books on education including the three-part-series, "The homeroom Teacher's Tactics", as well as "Teach in the Attitude of Service", "Leaning Education from America", "The Five Levels of Teachers", and "Start Learning How to Be an Educator at the age of 40".

Ji Li

Headteacher of Pinghe Primary School / Principal of Shanghai Little Bridge School

Ms. Ji Li received her Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy and Master's Degree in Education Theory from East China Normal University and is a top-rated middle school teacher. Ms. Ji worked as Dean of Fusion Curriculum Department of Shanghai Pinghe School and was honored as "Outstanding Homeroom Teacher" and "Outstanding Chinese Writing Teacher" during her tenure. She won 1st prize in the "National Primary and Secondary School Competition for Ancient Chinese Poetry Teaching Display" in 2013 and was awarded 3rd prize in the "National Chinese Teacher Class Teaching Competition" in 2012. Ms. Ji participated in translating "Powerful Teacher Education", a book of Linda Darling Hammond in 2008. She participated in writing and publishing "Pinghe Chinese Culture Curriculum of Grade 1 to 9" in 2011 and "Traditional Chinese Folklore Course" in 2017.

Zang Shenwei

Party Secretary and Vice Principal of Shanghai Little Bridge School

Chinese communist party member, Bachelor Degree, senior economist and senior human resource expert. She served as Party Secretary and Vice Principal of Shanghai Pinghe School.

Dr. Zheng Tengfei

Assitant Director of the Curriculum Center at Shanghai Pinghe School
Director of the Curriculum Center at Shanghai Little Bridge School

Dr. Zheng Tengfei received her Bachelor's Degree from Peking University, and her Doctorate Degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She has been engaged in scientific research for many years and specializes in science education and curriculum design. She also teaches IBDP chemistry and theory of knowledge in Pinghe High School.

Expert Team

Dr. Wang Jian

Distinguished Expert of Curriculum Development at Shanghai Little Bridge School

Dr. Wang Jian received his Doctorate Degree in Education Management from East China Normal University, and currently serves as director of the Primary Education Department at Shanghai Normal University, as well as Associate Professor and supervisor to Master's students at the College of Education. He is a member of the Shanghai Education Commission's Curriculum Leadership Expert Group (2015-2019) and has won third prize of National Education and Science Achievements, and first prize for Teaching Achievements for Basic Education in Shanghai.

Dr. Chen Jingjing

Distinguished Expert of Pedagogy at Shanghai Little Bridge School

Dr. Chen Jingjing received a Doctorate Degree in Education from East China Normal University, a Doctorate Degree in Joint Education from University of Tokyo's Sato Research Laboratory, and completed a Postdoctorate Degree at Fudan University. She has previously served as a Visiting Scholar of Louisiana State University in the United States, Associate Research Fellow at the Shanghai-Pudong Education Development Research Institute, and President of the Institute of Learning Communities. His books include "Following the Manabu Sato Approach to Education: the Vision and Action of Learning Communities" (recognized as one of the "Chinese Teachers' 100 Favorite Books" in 2015), and has translated the book "Teacher's Challenge" by Manabu Sato (recognized among the top 10 list of "Chinese Teachers' 100 Favorite Books" in 2012).

Zhang Hongwu

Distinguished Expert of Character Development at Shanghai Little Bridge School

Mr. Zhang Hongwu received a Master's Degree in Information System Management from Pace University in the United States. In 2010 Susie introduced the Positive Discipline system to China for the first time. She has recieved USA-based certification to be a Certified Positive Discipline Lead Trainer (CPDLT) and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) coach. He is also the founder of Wise Edu Plus.

Li Shanchuan

Distinguished Expert of Chinese Culture at Shanghai Little Bridge School

Mr. Li Shanchuan received a Master's Degree in Linguistics from East China Normal Univeristy's Chinese Character Research Center and is the founder of the Chinese Character Thinking Course. He served as Distinguished Expert of General Education at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, director of the Shanghai Youth Language Development Center, expert columnist of the Five Thousand Years of Chinese History magazine, lecturer of the Shanghai Science Communication Forum on Chinese Characters and lecturer of SELF forum and TED China.

Dr. Wu Huilin

Distinguished Expert of Aesthetics at Shanghai Little Bridge School

Dr. Wu Huilin received her Doctor Degree in Education Technology from East China Normal University and Master Degree in Education from Taiwan's National Chung Cheng University and previously served as the principal of Dunhua National Primary School in Taipei, and the director of the Cross-Taiwan Strait Music Exchange Association, director of the Dahlcroze Music Education Development Association of Taiwan, and vice president of the Institute of Learning Communities.

Teacher Team

Shanghai Little Bridge School is a natural, personalized and life-oriented learning campus. We have a diverse and dynamic group of teachers, including overseas returnees who have studied abroad for many years, professional teachers with doctor's degrees, mature teachers with more than 10 years of teaching experience, and passionate young teachers. The team culture is equal and open, and the school provides teachers with a rich curriculum of career and personal development. We not only train students to enjoy learning and help them to have lifelong learning ability, but also give teachers and parents the platform and opportunity to become lifelong learners.