About us

SLBS belongs to the Pinghe Education Group. The school's management staff and core teachers are appointed by the Pinghe Education Group. With Pinghe's support, the Little Bridge has inherited twenty years' worth of experience in managing schools and been able to integrate a large set of advanced international educational concepts, aiming to build a bridge to future education and cultivate lifelong learners with passion, sense of purpose and the desire to take initiative.

School Mission

The Chinese character 通 (tōng), meaning "to pass through" "connect" and "master", is used to symbolize the spirit of SLBS. As such, we hope that the school can function as a bridge for children, helping them connect the classroom and real life while developing an integrated sense of individuality and commonality, and helping them connect with the world and the future.

Core Values

Natural, Confidence, Autonomy, Self-Respect, Freedom


One Core: Become lifelong learners

Two Dimensions: Connect tradition and future, connect China and the world

Three Traits: Passion, sense of purpose, and taking initiative